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Dad Teaches Dogs A New Trick, But Keep Your Eyes On The Cat

Dogs are incredible companions, but they’re even more awesome to watch when they can perform tricks. From the basic, sit-lay-stay to rolling over or even walking on their hind legs, it’s pretty cool to see what our four-legged furry friends are capable of doing.

But there’s one set of pets that have gone viral not just for the cool tricks that the dogs Lucy and Phoenix can do, but what their sidekick Didga can do. That’s because Didga is a cat who seems to think she’s a dog. And she’s hilarious.

Screenshot via YouTube

This cat is not about to let her dog friends upstage her in the tricks department. After all, why should they have all of the fun?

In this video that’s gone viral, we see an owner who has taught his pets how to do some impressive tricks. Although we are accustomed to thinking that dogs are the only ones with these talents – as it turns out, cats are just as skilled (if you take the time to teach them that is!).

Screenshot via YouTube

Get ready to be impressed by this trio of pets. They are all grouped together in their living room with Dad standing before them.

Okay, it’s time for the show to begin! He directs them all on their first trick, which is to lie down. Together, the three follow his directions.

Screenshot via YouTube

We have to admit…it’s pretty amazing watching a cat lie down on command. Dad must have a lot of patience!

The cat even glances over occasionally at the dogs to make sure they’re all on task. Or maybe to make sure she’s stealing the show, which she’s pretty close to doing.

Screenshot via YouTube

Then while the dogs perform a traditional yet still impressive canine trick, the cat twitches her tail, eagerly awaiting her turn. Finally, after the two dogs go, it’s her time to shine.

Dad gives her the command and she executes the trick like a champ. She’s awfully darn cute while doing it, too.

Screenshot via YouTube

Are you ready to find out what other trick Dad has taught his adorable pets? You have to see the cat in action to believe it.

This video goes to show that it IS possible to teach an old dog new tricks (and apparently cats too)!

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