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Dad Teaches Rude Son A Lesson For Slamming His Bedroom Door

Raising a teen can be tricky. Tempers are bound to flare, and sometimes, it will get a bit loud in the house. Even the best teens have their moments. That’s how it is, and that’s how it will always be.

Teens are basically programmed to rebel against Mom and Dad. Each parent will have to decide which path of discipline they will go down: going easy, or going hard.

Of course every parent is entitled to make their own decision as long as no one gets hurt. Some parents choose to ground their kids, while others assign more chores or take away material possessions.

This teen got more than he bargained for after slamming the door on his father’s face one too many times.

Here is the top half of the image that this teen’s brother received from Mom shortly after the outburst. You can see he’s already moved on from anger to remorse.

Do you notice what’s missing? Look a little closer at where the hinges should be. There is no door! When this photo was posted to Facebook, lots of people chimed in with how their parents dealt with their tantrums by removing their doors. But, the teen in this picture didn’t lose his whole door. Nope, Dad was about to get a little creative.

Dad went to find his toolbox and retrieve his saw…

Did a little planning for the masterpiece he was about to create with his son’s beloved bedroom door…

Voilà! A brand-new Dutch door for a teen who’s lost his right to complete privacy. This will sure teach him to act up at Mom or Dad again. His brother lovingly posted this photo to Reddit with the title, “When your brother gets his door cut in half as punishment for slamming his door.”

You really have to hand it to Dad for using his imagination on this one. Sometimes, losing half a door can be even more shameful than losing a whole door.

Plenty of readers chimed in on how their parents used to get creative with their punishments, too. Sounds like Leanna really learned her lesson on that holiday! I bet we all have some pretty funny stories like this.

This person’s dad also got a little creative.

Would you ever do something like this to teach your snarky teen a lesson? Do you think that this punishment will tech this teen to control his little bouts of anger?

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