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Dad Tells 2-Month-Old Daughter “I Love You” 30 Seconds Later Baby Responds In Amazing Way

Who can resist a baby? The soft skin, tiny features, and irresistible coos are enough to melt your heart. Infants glance around at the complicated world around them with innocence and wonder – a simple smile from their mom or dad is enough to satisfy them for days on end!

As we know, the developing brains of infants are capable of registering only a certain amount of information. The new, extremely stimulating and overwhelming surroundings are too much for their minds to process, right? Well, perhaps we’ve been underestimating our little ones…


As this joyful father holds his two-month-old daughter on his lap, the two are incredibly enamored with one another. He smiles at her, and she just stares back cooing and babbling!

During the video, the first time this dad says the words “I love you” to his baby girl, she just smiles and murmurs back. However, the next time he speaks those words, he gets a different (and quite shocking) reaction…


When this father tells his daughter that he loves her for the second time, her surprising and unexpected response is enough to warm your heart and blow your mind!

You’ll be left thinking, “Did that two-month-old baby just SAY that?”

It’s obvious that even mom the camera person is amazed, as she starts laughing at her baby girl’s response. In fact, with how incredible it is, it was a good thing that mom had the camera rolling! There’s a good chance you’ll have the same reaction, too.


Watch this stunning father/daughter scene in the video below!

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