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Dad tells dog all the treats went to the cat, and 18 million have admired the dog’s response

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More people have seen this dog’s meltdown than any Super Bowl.

In this video, the owner gave his dog a voice.

And the results are incredibly convincing.

It begins with the dog peering up at his owner. The owner says, “Food. You know, I just couldn’t stop thinking about it.”

The “dog” replies, “Yes?” in a whiny voice.

Then the owner goes on to explain that he went to the fridge, went into the meat draw, took out the maple bacon and ate it all himself.

When the dog hears this news, he turns away sadly. The owner imitates his reaction, going, “Awwwww.”

Then the owner tells the dog about some beef that was in the draw, which he also ate. This results in more moaning from the dog.

After delivering this devastating news, the owner talks about going to the fridge a third time.

The owner then explains about getting chicken, putting cheese on it and covering it with cat treats.

Then he reveals that he gave that food to the cats.

The dog screams in frustration at this and starts crying.

This video then appeared on YouTube, where it went super viral.

To date, it has gained over 202 million views.

For comparison, the most-watched Super Bowl of all time could only pick up 114 million viewers.

The video also has more than 977,000 likes and 76,000 comments. People have been saying things like this:

The YouTube channel that uploaded this video is called Talking Animals. So naturally, they have a lot of talking animal videos.

No other video on the channel has become as popular as the cat treats one. But many others have also gone viral.

The second most popular video involves the owner telling another one of his dogs that they’ve got a new family member.

This video opens with the owner reminding the dog that he wanted a kitten. He then informs the dog that he went to the pet store that day.

Then the “dog” says how happy he is that a cat is coming into the home. But the owner tells the dog to calm down and let him carry on.

The owner tells the dog how he saw snakes, guinea pigs, mice, gerbils, parrots, newts and hamsters before mentioning the kittens again.

When the owner brings up the kittens, the dog gets excited. The “dog” then says, “Oh, oh, that’s it, that’s what you said you were gonna get me.”

But then the owner keeps on listing the other animals he saw, such as hermit crabs and turtles.

From somewhere in the room, something meows. The dog recognizes the sound as coming from a kitten. He “asks” the owner what that was just to be sure.

The owner brings up the pet store once again. This time, he talks about the shelter kittens there and how he picked one up.

The dog is overjoyed to hear this news.

This video has gained 41 million views. Sure, it’s no way near as popular as the cat treats video, but it’s still a hit!

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