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Dad Who Went Viral Releases New Hair-Raising Performance, Leaving Internet Without Words

After Kris Jones’ voice was discovered, courtesy of his very own daughter, his accumulating fans have been waiting for more.

Early last year, Kris got his break when his daughter filmed him singing in the car. Now he’s back with another amazing cover.

This down-to-earth performance of his reveals more of the kind of artist he is. With a relaxed white t-shirt, he sits at a stool with only one instrument in the background.

The chill scene perfectly showcases his voice, and allows it to take the spotlight.

As soon as he begins singing one of today’s greatest country hits, he leaves us all utterly speechless.

As he belts out the lyrics, he does so with confidence, though his recording leaves absolutely no room for mistakes.

With the simplicity of his voice and the guitar, all of the attention is set to his vocals.

His warm tones, flawless range and emotional take on a Brett Young’s hit has only drawn in more fans since his last recording.

This talented singer opens up and allows the emotions show through his beautiful performance.

Everything from his expressions and the chill vibes which comes from his song, you can see that music means so much to him.

His take on this honest love song is winning hearts everywhere.

With unique talent of his very own, it only makes sense! Listen in amazement as Kris Jones takes you on a journey with his sultry voice of perfection in his new recording below.

This is one you won’t want to miss out on.

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