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Daddy Is Trying To Teach Twins To Pray, Instead Their Antics Have Internet In Laughter

Nicole and Natalie surprise their dad when he asks them to pray by sharing words that they must have heard before.

Taking opportunity to spend a few minutes out of their day in prayer, this dad has a simple request, and that is to say the Lord’s prayer found in the Bible in Matthew chapter 6.

It’s evident that they have gone over this passage before as the little girl’s are quick to give in to his simple request.

Their ability to pray is astounding as they pray straight from memory, but they also add their own flare that gets dad laughing.

Dad’s expectation of his twin girls being able to memorize the Bible and recite it together proves to be worthwhile.

Not only are they able to remember the words, they mix in a personal touch that is simply adorable. Though one of the girls begin saying it in double speed, the other one is patient to add in whichever words she can fill in here or there.

Dad loves listening to them. He has so much patience that even when they get distracted from their mom returning home, he gently reminds them to stick with it. What a wonderful dad to help them learn and develop a great memory and heart for prayer.

It’s clear that they bring dad so much joy remembering these sacred words, and though he is pleased to hear it, these little girls are just as happy to say it.

Excited to share what they have already learned, they stand tall for dad and do their best. When it comes to praying, they demonstrate the fact that one can never be too young.

Though dad gives small reminders, they nearly say the entire thing themselves. Watch their love for prayer come to life in this sweet video below.

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