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Dad’s Ready To Order Dinner, Then Takes 1 Look At Waiter’s Face And Bursts Into Tears

When a teenager decides that his or her post-high school path lies with the military, parents might feel a mix of emotions ranging from apprehension and worry to joy and pride. That was the case for Greg Harris of Austin, Texas.

Being apart from your child, no matter his or her age, can be tough. It’s even more of a challenge when your adult child is stationed overseas, engaged in protecting our country.

Facebook/Cory Harris

Their ability to communicate is sporadic. They’ll sometimes have scheduled time on portable phones and access to computers periodically in order to exchange emails, Tweets, etc.

If a loved one is embedded deep in a war zone, there are no communication options. Parents will worry about their children’s well-being in a fight-or-flight type of scenario.

No one can fathom just what our dedicated military goes through when stationed overseas. Parents’ pine for their loved ones and may feel helpless.

So when that loved one catches a break and can return home on leave, or even permanently, it’s a joyous occasion, a momentous time that many people catch on camera. Some military members even stage surprises for their kids or parents.

Facebook/Cory Harris

So when Corporal Cory Harris, a Marine, was heading home after spending 14 months stationed in Japan, he knew he wanted to surprise his dad Greg in a big way. What was supposed to be a quiet evening out, suddenly turned into one Greg will never forget.

Greg headed to Jack Allen’s Kitchen in Austin for a nice dinner out where the staff were in on Cory’s plans, too. Cory planned to don a disguise and shock his father.

So Cory dressed up as a waiter and approached his dad’s table. He asked if he was ready to order.

When Greg looked up, he couldn’t believe who was before him! He had to take a moment to process what he was seeing and then chaos ensued.

Cory had practiced a speech to give when he first reunited with his father, but their encounter after 14 long months was full of emotions and not words. Greg leaped out of his booth mere seconds after realizing it was Cory.


Their big bear hug and rush of emotions has brought tears to many people’s eyes. Watch their beautiful reunion at the restaurant.

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