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Dance teacher’s baby takes stage and scores 27.1M views

Elton John’s song “Tiny Dancer” may reference a ballerina, but I think there may just be a newer, even tinier dancer in town.

In fact, Tiny Dancer is actually about songwriter Bernie Taupin’s first wife who was actually the “seamstress for the band” and not about a ballerina at all.

So I guess there is only one true tiny dancer…

And that is of course, young Hunter.

Hunter’s mom is a dance teacher and as such, when Hunter is around her classes he ends up hearing the same music over and over again.

Some songs however, he seems to like more than others. One such song would be Beyoncé’s “Get Me Bodied”.

“It was so cute how Hunter, at only 18 months, would stay super still during the slow part of the song and start “dancing” when the music picked up.”- writes Hunter’s Mom

But Hunter’s “moves” wouldn’t just be enjoyed at home.

It was soon time to put the young jiver into the spotlight and let him do his thing for a crowd!

And it’s a good thing for Hunter and his mom, for now his little dance lives on in the immortality of the internet!

“At our small studio recital we put him on stage and played the music to see what he would do…and he didn’t disappoint!

He is now almost ten, so he has grown up quite a bit, so we are glad we shared this memory on Youtube for our friends and family to see.”

To start off with, Hunter seems bashful on stage.

Or, maybe he’s not so much bashful as biding his time before the part of the song that really gets him moving.

As his mom describes, he waits out the slow part of the song until eventually, it suddenly kicks into the fun, upbeat part and he starts feverishly “dancing”.

I guess it counts as dancing…

Why wouldn’t it? Sure there’s not so much choreography as flailing passionately, but it’s exactly that passion that makes Hunter’s dance so thrilling to watch.

Could anything be more adorable than a toddler absolutely vibing to his favorite song?

And a song by Queen B at that!

Well this kid has good taste if the rhythm takes him over to a song by the queen of pop. There’s no Wheels on the Bus for this little toe tapper.

The audience go wild for the little guy as he tip-toe dances over to another spot on the stage.

Of course, the problem with not having any actual choreography is that you can eventually run out of moves.

And when your “moves” consist pretty much of stomping your feet, you can see how it’s not too difficult to scrape the bottom of that barrel.

And unfortunately, all good performances must come to an end.

As the audience come to a rapturous applause, he joins them and rightly so.

Look out America’s Got Talent, you’ll have a new contestant very soon if Hunter keeps up his passion for dance.

And with dancing skills like this at this early an age, you can bet that soon he will be a stellar dancer any day now.

Watch the full video below to enjoy Hunter’s dancing debut!

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