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Daughter doesn’t recognize 60-year-old mom after life-changing makeover

Beauty is always, always in the eye of the beholder.

But holding on to the assurance that you are beautiful isn’t always easy, especially when you’re surrounded by media that tries to convince you there are certain standards that need to be achieved before being worthy of the title.

Thankfully, there are a multitude of ways in how one can continue feeling beautiful despite what the world insists on.

This includes self-care in its healthiest forms: bath and body regimens, eating right, understanding boundaries and setting them accordingly, surrounding oneself with the right company, frequenting places that are good for one’s physical and mental health, and so much more.

When you know just what will make you feel good about yourself, there’s no reason to stop yourself from the pursuit of it.

Kim from Iowa understands this well. A fan of MakeoverGuy, she mentioned to her daughter how great it must be to experience a makeover.

“Never in my wildest dreams or imaginations was I going to be here. I mentioned to my daughter a few years back how awesome it would be for my 60th birthday to have a makeover by Christopher.”

Kim somehow forgot about it but her family didn’t. So they planned a major surprise for her 60th birthday – one that involved the MakeoverGuy himself.

Her children, along with her husband and son-in-law, made sure Kim would get the makeover she always wanted.

Not only that, they shopped for a new dress for Kim to wear after the makeover, too.

It was definitely a day to look forward to and Kim was beyond eager to begin.

“I am excited. I just can’t wait. It’s gonna be awesome. Amazing!”

Getting a makeover isn’t simply because one needs it. Most people get makeovers for the fun of it all: getting a new look, taking a bold step with a new hairstyle, experimenting with makeup looks to see what will work best with one’s features and skin tone. Kim, already happy and content with how she looks, was simply looking forward to a whole new look for her 60th birthday.

You can guess just how ecstatic she was when she finally saw the results.

From long, light brown hair to a short, curly bob and light makeup that played up her features, it was a stunning transformation indeed.

“It’s amazing. I just love it!”

Needless to say, Kim’s daughter and sister were floored when the big reveal came.

They couldn’t stop gushing over how good Kim looked and how perfectly the new dress fit her. More than the incredible makeover, what stood out was Kim’s confidence throughout it all.

“See, I told you I was gonna be gorgeous!”

Kim proves that yes, physical changes do make a difference but it’s your love and acceptance of self that matters most.

A makeover would be pretty useless if you still hold on to self-deprecation, that’s why self-love cannot be emphasized enough.

In her case though, this MakeoverGuy transformation was the cherry on top of a beautiful, thriving person about to enter her sixties.

Watch the video and see how amazing Kim’s new look is!

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