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Deaf Woman Takes Off Her Shoes, Simon Forced To Hit ‘Golden Buzzer’ After Her Unique Act

Life hasn’t been easy for Mandy Harvey. As a deaf woman, she’s faced challenges many of us couldn’t even imagine! However, she has learned not to let it keep her down.

Mandy has bravely followed her dream of becoming a famous singer and the path ultimately led her to the America’s Got Talent stage.

As soon as Mandy stepped before the America’s Got Talent judges, they knew something was different.

There was another woman, Mandy’s translator, standing to the side of the judges and that’s when they realized she was deaf! Simon was curious about her background and asked how she lost her hearing.

After taking a deep breath, Mandy revealed she has a connective tissue disorder that left her totally deaf at the age of 18. Despite this and the deep depression it put her in initially, Mandy decided to pick herself up and follow her passion for music once again!

Using the vibrations of the music with her feet to guide her, Mandy sings the words of her own original song “Try” perfectly!

Mandy’s performance blows all of the judges and prompts Simon to do something incredible – it’s easy to recognize how special her performance truly is! Listen to Mandy belt out “Try” for yourself by pressing “play” on the video below!

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