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Deer Greets Unusual “Creature.” But It’s His Next Move That Has Internet In Laughter

Building a snowman is one of the best parts of the winter! Rolling the body together, placing two button eyes, a carrot nose and a smile made out of coal is something that everyone should do at least once in their life.

That’s exactly what one family of children did after a fresh snowfall! Unfortunately, there was a hungry critter waiting around the corner to munch on the brand new snowman!

According to Field & Stream discussion boards, deer really do love all types of vegetables.

From pumpkins to beets, they’ll nibble on anything that seems fresh and is readily available.

Farmers all around the country reported deer in their area sneaking a few chomps of their crops and enjoying the free buffet.

This type of vegetable-nabbing behavior is explained further by the Sciencing website.

Fresh crops are an important part of a deer’s diet and stumbling on a garden or commercial farm is like a goldmine for these foragers!

So when this little deer discovers a tasty carrot smell coming from across the way, she goes to investigate right away.

Mom watches in disbelief as the deer curiously approaches the snowman her children just built and takes a big chomp out of the snow. This wasn’t the tasty smell she sniffed out!

Looking up, she notices the big group of carrots sitting atop the snowman’s head – bingo!

She quickly clears off the carrots and moves back down to the rest of the snowman.

Strangely enough, the deer takes things further and nibbles on the snow!

This is the weirdest thing Mom has ever seen and it’s going to be a challenge explaining the demise of the snowman to her little ones!

Watch this snowman snack for yourself in the video below!

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