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Diver Puzzled By Dolphin’s Unusual Behavior, Swims Closer & Immediately Realizes Why

Dolphins are a mystical creature, a water mammal that is enchanting and entrancing to watch as it swims and leaps through the water.

While their speeds can reach an impressive 17 miles an hour, there is a lot more to this creature than just athletic ability.

Dolphins are accustomed to being around humans, attracting thousands of people a year to water parks for a chance to see them in person.

Their playfulness and their intelligence makes them a fan favorite, but as it turns out, they are just as social in their natural habitat.

Just like their human counterparts, mothers and their babies are inseparable. Immediately following birth, a tight bond is formed under the waves as mom teaches her calves the way of the world.

When a diver was hanging out in shallow water observing a dolphin swimming about peacefully, the diver noticed something odd about her.

There was something hanging down from the dolphin’s underside, causing her to swim about erratically.

As it turns out, the dolphin was pregnant! It was a little tail fin making its way out, an she was in the middle of giving birth!

Several other people watched nearby, observing this beautiful moment as the mom flipped and wiggled about.

At one point, the throes of delivery overcame her, drawing her to the sandy bottom before abnormally arching her back.

As the seconds ticked away, more and more of the baby became visible.

Fish surrounded the laboring mom, until she finally took off in a sudden bolt. Moments later, the beautiful calf suddenly emerges.

With a huge splash of water, the baby finally makes its grand entrance into the world. Without missing a beat, it begins swimming and flipping around the water.

Then, just as fast as it all started, the two joyfully swim away; the mom as if nothing had just happened, and the baby, nuzzling up right beside her.

Check out this beautiful underwater birth in the video below, and relish the breathtaking moment the baby arrives.

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