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Doberman and horse become best friends

This friendship is one that would fit a fable or a Disney animated film.

It’s not that uncommon for different kinds of animals to be friends with each other.

Search online and you’ll find countless stories of unique friendships.

Here’s a Doberman and a horse. The dog is dubbed the “horse whisperer” for very good reasons.

It’s not clear how this relationship started but if these two can put their many differences aside, why can’t humans?

A dog pulling on a horse’s reins is not something you will all the time.

Well this Doberman does. And he does a good job of it too. Look at the horse follow him around.

In fact, it looks as though this dog is in charge of the horse. The walks, training, leisure, and who knows what else!

What does this good boy get in return for all his efforts? A good back lick from the horse. That huge tongue may as well give him a good massage after a long hard day!

A viewer says,

“This is the cutest thing I’ve ever seen!”

You bet it is. But keep watching and you may find even cuter moments.

And if you’re wondering if this Doberman gets to sit on his buddy’s back, then the answer is yes. Now riding is a different story…

This Doberman must be pretty popular by the looks of it. He gets kisses even from the other horses!

He’s a great trainer too!

Look at him pull on the reins when the horse was licking itself.

This dog must have thought his horse friend was stalling and buying time so he couldn’t go out and train. Not for the horse whisperer!

After all is said and done though, they’re still friends.

They hang out and snuggle up to each other from time to time, perhaps even sharing life stories seeing as how different they are. Chandler and Joey?

How you doin’?

Perfectly happy by the looks of these two. The video gives two names, Boss and Contino, but it’s not clear who’s who.

Though since the dog is the one bossing the horse around, that must mean…

Now this friendship goes beyond the training with all the sweat and running.

How different could a dog and a horse be? They both like to eat, run, get lots of affection, and they both smell funny. Well to us at least.

“Beautiful! I had a Doberman not too long ago, some of the kids thought he was a horse. It’s obvious these two have a special bond.”

Shared a viewer. So that’s it!

These two make such a great team. You can see how they both lift each other’s spirits up when one of them has one of those days. Hey, you never know, animals do have feelings.

Horses are easily spooked and they tend to suffer from anxieties.

A dog’s natural curiosity may just help in developing a horse’s nature.

Dogs are playful without the added stress, granted the dog was raised well, plus the fact that they are loyal and protective.

And being socially active creatures, it works in favor of the dog too.

Whatever happens, these two have each other’s backs.

Click the video below to see their adorable friendship!

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