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Doctor plays ukulele to serenade toddler with cancer, and she can’t help but dance with joy

Music is medicine for the heart. Hearing a song can take a person to a different world and make them temporarily forget about their worries. You’ll never guess how this doctor used music to make a huge difference in his patients’ lives.

When a person has an illness, half of the battle for health is keeping that person in a positive mindset. Thinking positively can actually affect a person’s health and give them strength they otherwise wouldn’t have had. This doctor knew the power of music and went above and beyond to keep his patients strong and positive.

Dr. Paulo Martins is a dedicated doctor at the Hospital das Clínicas at Ribeirao Preto, in Sao Paulo, Brazil. One day he brought his ukulele to the hospital. He wanted to cheer up the older patients by bringing live music to them. What he didn’t know was that he had a special young fan.

Sophia was in the pediatric oncology ward when she heard Dr. Martins playing. She has a rare disease called Langerhans Cell Histiocytosis. When she heard Dr. Martins playing, she was immediately filled with joy. She wandered around the hospital, looking for the source of the beautiful music. When Sophia found the doctor singing and playing his ukulele, she was instantly drawn toward him.

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