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Dog fesses up to mess with heart-melting apology to Mom

We try and raise our dogs to know right from wrong when it comes to their actions and behavior.

After all, who wants to come home and find their brand new couch ripped to shreds?

You might not always be able to determine who the real culprit is behind a mess (especially if you have kids too).

But on the other hand, there are times it’s clear as day it was your four-legged friend who’s the guilty party.

The pet owners in the compilation below are quite certain their dogs have been engaging in some naughty behavior.

Besides the pooches forgetting to cover up their tracks – it’s their “guilty” reactions that seem to seal the deal!

Lilly just couldn’t wait for Christmas.

Kids like presents, adults like presents, so wouldn’t it make sense that dogs do too? One man discovered that “someone” had torn into a Christmas gift and left pieces of wrapping paper on the floor.

Now, it could have been anyone in the family, right? But since Lilly was having trouble looking dad in the eye, it seemed pretty obvious who was responsible for “peeking at gifts!”

He’ll never notice…

Don’t you just hate when you plant gorgeous flowers, only to see that one’s gone missing? Apparently, this is an issue in Willow the dog’s home.

Her reaction when dad brings up the issue leads him to believe he’s found the “naughty girl.” If only she had escaped the scene instead of hanging out by the flowers!

When all else fails, just play dead.

Everyone reacts differently to different situations.

Some of us fight, some of us flight, and there are those who drop faster than a fainting goat.

Mom’s pretty sure it was her dog who chewed up a plastic shopping bag.

But when she addresses it, her dog falls to the floor and lays on its back. Hmmm, sure it wasn’t you…

Who ate the cookies?

One woman made a huge mistake by leaving Christmas cookies on the counter.

Unsurprisingly, a few magically ended up disappearing into someone’s tummy.

She asks her dog, “Brady, did you do this?” Not only does the dog have trouble looking at her, it can’t help but lick its lips. Come on Brady, you’re not helping your case!

Maybe he’ll just step over all the poo…

There’s nothing pretty about coming home to a “pet accident” on the floor.

Yet, the guy in the clip below walks in and discovers much more than that.

He asks his dog, Zeus, if it’s guilty of all the poop scattered around the carpet. Come on pooch, there’s no getting around this one!

A toilet paper disaster with a sweet ending.

Apparently, a dog named Cookie thought it’d be a good idea to rip-up an entire roll of toilet paper.

But instead of fleeing the scene, mom actually found her dog still in the bathroom with the mess!

It doesn’t take much for the woman to put two and two together and realize that Cookie’s responsible.

In fact, her guilty-looking face isn’t exactly helping either.

Remember how our parents taught us the importance of saying “sorry?” This pet owner taught her dog Cookie the same lesson, and when she asks for an apology, the dog hops up for a hug! Now, how do you stay mad after something like that?

Watch the compilation below to see even more “guilty” dogs’ reactions!

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