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Dog gets very own step-stool just so he can chat with his Great Dane buddies over the wall

Howdy, Neighbor!

Treat your neighbor with kindness is what most holy scriptures would read.

Whether we take that as a call to action or not, these are words to live by.

In a dog’s world, it’s pretty much genetically engrained to try and greet every stranger you meet.

For a pair of Great Danes, Vito and Bambino, talking to their neighbor is one way to pass the time.

The two have made social media headlines when they were documented trying to peek over their backyard wall.

It was no problem for the Danes to overcome the height of the wall, however their neighboring doggo was not blessed with great length.

Six months ago, a chocolate lab by the name of Giuseppe moved next door.

Both Vito and Bambino were extremely excited to meet their doggy friend.

However, having physical greetings and exchanges was really difficult to achieve because Giuseppe just wasn’t as physically gifted.

In fact, compared to his new buds he’s what you might call “vertically challenged”.

Luckily, Giuseppe’s family knew they had to take care of this if they wanted their pup to enjoy the best life he could.

“He has tried many times to jump up and get a good width of his big doggy friends whenever we’re all outside,” said Vito and Bambino’s mom, Afton Tarin.

Which is why Giuseppe’s family brainstormed a solution for the shorter pup.

The answer became evident when Giuseppe’s dad, Robert Carnes, said that, “Giuseppe would furiously jump as high as he could and try to say hello.

I would always say, ‘If you only had a step stool.’ “

It was a marvelous idea and the family couldn’t believe they didn’t think of it before!

Robert remembered that he did in fact have a step stool and asked one of his children to run and grab one for him.

It all seemed to fall into place once Giuseppe used the step stool.

It was like watching friends reunite after a very long time of not seeing each other.

Vito, Bambino, and Guiseppe started seeing each other more and easily became the best of pals!

The photo of how it all turned out caught internet fire as it went viral across the web.

Robert sent the photo to Afton and she replied with, “so stinkin’ cute.” She initially burst out with laughter after she noticed Giuseppe’s little feet fully extended and his tail wagging so fast that it looked blurred out on camera.

The little guy finally got what he wished for and he had all the energy to show for it!

“My neighbor just send this hilarious display of sweet doggy greetings. his lab loves bam but the poor little fella can’t ever get a good width of his friends so they thought they’d help him out today. Kisses for Bam too! So cute. Also–his feet crack me up!!”

Afton felt really humbled and even had a “feel-good-feeling”.

Both dog families have warmed up to each other and have even started to enjoy evening strolls with the pups.

They’re getting to know each other more and fostering a deep relationship with their pups along the way.

It’s important to think about how our pups socialize, since it can only add to their well-being.

Moments like these are awesome for a dog-parent, but even more special for the dogs themselves.

We get to see them happily spending time with each other and they have the satisfaction of knowing they can play and run around with their doggo buddies without having to worry.

If you’re a dog owner, take notes and make sure your best pal is getting all the love he or she truly deserves…neighbors included.

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