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Dog gives mom the hilarious cold shoulder after trip to the dentist

Let’s face it, nobody likes going to the dentist. Since it’s very important though – most of us just suck it up and are grateful to have an entire year before having to go back.

A Utah pet mom has proof that humans aren’t the only ones who don’t enjoy a dentist trip.

Her dog’s comical reaction after picking him up from a teeth cleaning says it all!

Bret Mortimer is the owner of an adorable pooch named Fritz.

Going from their Instagram page, it’s easy to see that the lab mix has a beautiful life with his mom in Salt Lake City.

There was one day, however, that wasn’t all fun and games.

It was the day Bret dropped Fritz off at the veterinarian’s office to get his teeth cleaned for the first time.

He had no clue what was headed his way.

Dogs are smart creatures for sure. But when two-year-old Fritz hopped in the car, likely going for a dental procedure was the last thing he expected.

As we know too, it’s not always a walk in the park!

After Bret picked Fritz up she got to see just how upset he was about the appointment.

Not only is his reaction priceless, but it actually ended up going viral.

The old cold shoulder.

In Bret’s video, Fritz is sitting in the front seat of her vehicle, and let’s just say he’s one unhappy camper.

The dog stares out the window refusing to look over at his mama. After all, who’s the person that decided to take him there?

Feeling bad, Bret tells him:

“Fritz, look at me. I’m sorry I took you to the dentist!”

You’re gonna have to do better than that, Mom.

Fritz sits like a statue in the car purposely looking away from Bret.

Despite how hard she tries to get him to look at her – he won’t budge. It appears he’s hilariously giving Mom the silent treatment!

Bret can’t help but laugh while filming Fritz. His reaction had people leaving some pretty funny comments too.

While we can’t say for sure what’s going through the pooch’s head – some YouTube users shared their ideas.

“So, remember that thing about if someone breaks into the house that I’ll protect you? Uhhhhh….you can kiss that goodbye…..and I’m going to start pooping on the floor too.”

Someone else thought Bret was going to have to do a lot to make up for the dentist trip.

“I will not easily forget this betrayal hooman, many treats and belly rubs must take place before i will let you love me aghain.”

Fritz’s owner felt super bad that he was upset, but she did it for his health!

Another person didn’t think it would take long for Fritz to snap out of his grumpy mood. They wrote:

“In a couple of hours he’ll be rocketing into a pile of leafs, then stick his head out and think : I was supposed to be mad at my human about something but I can’t remember what..”

So, did Fritz actually get over it?

Turns out, he did! According to Fox 13, it took just a short walk for their friendship to get back to normal, and Fritz shook his dentist-blues.

Bret even gave him a cute trophy for being such a good sport.

She later wrote on Instagram:

“He has since forgiven me for taking him to his dental appointment lol.

Dogs can get gum diseases that can shorten their lifespans if you’re not careful, so look into dental cleanings and chews if you’ve got your own pup!”

It’s a viral reaction you don’t want to miss. Press play on the video below to see Fritz’s “cold shoulder” for yourself!

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