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Dog Has Never Seen Snow, Captured Footage Of 1 Of A Kind Reaction Is Lighting Up The Internet

A light dusting of beautiful, crisp white snow is falling where Jo Ellery lives.

Large flakes are drifting down and gently blanketing the ground outside her home in the city.

While snow isn’t an uncommon sight for Jo, her working cocker spaniel has a completely different response. For Jo’s dog Truffle, the sight is simply magical!

Truffle experiences snow for the first time ever in the video below and this dog’s reaction to the cold, powdery white stuff is simply hilarious!

Jo never expected this kind of reaction from her working cocker spaniel. It’s a good thing she captured it on video so that all of us can get a good giggle out of Truffle’s energetic antics.

Working cocker spaniels are unbelievably cute with big eyes, floppy ears and silky fur. In fact, this breed of dog is the pup of choice for Prince William and Duchess Kate.

Her mom Carole Middleton absolutely adores this breed and the prince and his wife have a dog from one of Carole’s litters.

The snowfall has inspired Truffle to turn his adrenaline on overdrive and zoom around like a little racecar.

He goes scampering down the sidewalk outside their home with lightning-fast speed, almost wiping out when he cannot stop at one point! He zips back and forth on the sidewalk, soaking up every minute of slipping and sliding around in the white stuff.

He pauses only for a moment inside his gated front yard to catch his breath, then bolts out of there headed back to the sidewalk to immerse himself in the wintery wonderland he is finally experiencing.

Watch this silly dog’s crazy behavior when he finally enjoys snow for the first time. He’s adorably hysterical!

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