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Dog hilariously steals food like an FBI agent

Ever wonder what your furry friend is up to when you leave the house?

This owner certainly got curious. He decides to set up a camera and leave for awhile just to see what this charming Beagle of his does when he’s away.

The resulting footage is nothing short of adorable.

When the master is away, the dog wants to… eat.

Who can resist those eyes?

Beagles are excellent companion dogs. They are happy-go-lucky, loyal, and quite funny. Especially with those pleading eyes.

They are built to about 13 to 15 inches tall and weigh around the 20 pound mark. These little hounds are the perfect size for a lot of humans.

That charming face come in a variety of colors too. These merry pups are curious and clever while staying happy and loyal to their families.

Curious and clever are right as we will see with Lucy.

It starts off with Lucy finding a way to get on to the kitchen table

She circles around and finds just enough space for her to be able to jump on a chair and further up on her owner’s table. Where he probably has his morning coffee with Lucy.

Being the hound that she is, she sniffs around letting her curiosity lead her until she notices another counter top with what looks to her like contraptions for preparing food.

Lucy pauses and takes a few seconds to process her next move. Is that an alarm?

She goes to check. Eyes and nose at the ready, she finds the culprit and investigates like the smart girl that she is. She’s quite the sleuth!

But how to get to that beeping object?

Something smells really good.

This clever girl circles around the kitchen trying to find a way up the counter. Eureka!

Lucy pushes and budges a chair with her snout at first then uses her paw to push.

She positions the chair close enough to the opposite counter and when she finds it satisfactory, she clambers on and up.

What a stroke of genius!

She makes her way across the counter, across the sink, and heads for the oven.

The temptation is too much to resist for Lucy. She must know!

She paws at the oven door and pries it open. What is this?

She stumbles upon a treasure hoard.

Gold! Wonderful gold! Delicious and golden and crisp!

How happy Lucy must have been to discover those delectable chicken nuggets.

It didn’t matter that they were fresh from a 325 degree oven either. Her first piece falls. She jumps down from the counter and enjoys her treat. She deserves it after all!

Lucy and the case of the golden hot nuggets.

But one isn’t enough for this girl. After she wolfs down her first nugget, she jumps back on to the chair and the counter and makes her way towards the oven again.

Is there more? Let Lucy have more! Surely her owner left more nuggets in there.

Lucy made her lineage proud that’s for sure

The video ends with Lucy seemingly searching for more golden goodness. Can’t imagine her owner’s reaction when he comes home and discovers the nuggets gone. Check the camera!

Who knows maybe Lucy will learn how to delete evidence next time.

Check out Lucy’s case by watching the hilarious footage below.

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. babette jones

    March 22, 2020 at 5:16 am

    smart dog no wonder they are used as seekers at the airports

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