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Dog Locks Eyes With Bearded Man At Airport Creeping Up Slowly Until Familiar Scent Sets Him Off

In life we sometimes can’t help but be forced to be away from the ones we love.

Although these moments are inevitable at times, whether it’s because of work, school or some other reason, we’re still lucky that these days we have technology around to be able to keep each other updated in real time, although we are miles apart.

But, have you ever given thought to how it must feel when our pets are separated from us for quite some time and we cannot update and contact them?

Do you have any idea just how much your pet misses you when you are away?

One particular soldier who just got back from military duty just found out that the longing from our pets is all too real, when he reunited with his beloved dog at an Oregon airport.

On a viral video posted on Facebook by ABC15 Arizona, the video shows a dog and his owner reunited in the sweetest way, with the animal wagging his tail happily when he saw his master, who happens to be a soldier who just came back from duty.

It was such a heart-melting moment and the joy on the dog’s face was overwhelming to see.

But the dog did not instantly recognize his master when he was sitting around in the airport.

His owner was sitting across from him but he didn’t quite look the same.

For one, the soldier had a long beard and was wearing a brimmed hat to cover his face.

This could possibly be the reason why the animal did not automatically approach the guy when they were close to each other at the airport.

Despite having a thick beard, the soldier’s dog eventually recognized his master because he smelled his scent!

Dogs are really sensitive when it comes to scents and this moment was no exception.

His master may look different, but his scent was all too familiar to the dog and it was enough proof to let him know it was his owner.

It was really amazing to see that even major physical changes can’t stop a dog from identifying his owner.

And, when he found out that the bearded man was actually his owner, this lovely dog just pounced excitedly at the man and licked him all over!

He was obviously excited to see the soldier and he did not hesitate to jump all over him to give him the warmest welcome back.

Their reunion was so heartfelt that even the people around them at the time could not help but smile.

Passersby’s even stopped to admire the emotional meeting. It was truly a touching moment and we can’t help but be happy for the dog and his owner because they’re finally reunited together once more.

This heartwarming moment is something that you don’t want to miss.

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