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Dog melts hearts meticulously tucking in newborn

It is so much nicer to fall asleep knowing your best friend is right beside you.\

And it’s even better drifting off knowing that your best friend will also watch over you and guard you as you go to dreamland.

No worries in the world. Not even bad dreams can come when your furry friend is right there.

Dogs are so pure and full of love that they fill the room with their light.

Like a burrito.

This baby found himself dozing off merrily but maybe mom and dad forgot to put the covers on.

Can’t have the little human freeze! What does this good boy do? He tucks in the child, using his snout to cover him with a blanket.

Isn’t this dog the sweetest thing ever?

He just knew the baby needed it. And that’s because of the “pack drive“. Once a dog belongs to a family, he recognizes it as his “pack“, meaning he will be loyal to them and will protect them at all costs. Even at the expense of his own life.

So it’s only natural that dogs become protective of babies. They know it’s their human’s “pup“. Dogs really are the best.

Dogs also have one thing in common with babies. The desire to just love and play.

What’s really amazing here is that for all of the dog’s movement’s on that bed, including how he nuzzle’s up the covers, the baby doesn’t stir. Not even a little. It’s like the dog’s not even there!

A viewer named Angela says,

“Awww this is so cute it’s adorable!!”

Isn’t it? It’s the best!

And this dog is being very obsessive compulsive about the covers too.

He goes back around to make sure the tiny human is really covered.

If he could double the layers, he would. This dog deserves lots of treats!

It’s instinct.

Dogs have feelings. They can pick up on situations and cues.

This dog sensed that his baby human is vulnerable and cold.

He took it as his cue to get up there and do something about it. He is a hero!

Pretty sure this baby loves his canine friend too!

And having a dog around helps boost a child’s immune system.

Children become more resilient and are not as prone to allergies as others.

And in general, having a dog around makes anyone happy. Babies and kids included!

Give it ten years before this baby gets to see this video and appreciate how much this dog loved him. Let’s just hope the dog is still around by that time.

Dogs have been known to watch over children when they play outside. They will chase off other dogs who they perceive to be threats.

And the reason why humans live longer? A little boy named Shane Belker knew why.

“People are born so that they can learn how to live a good life — like loving everybody all the time and being nice, right? Well, dogs already know how to do that, so they don’t have to stay for as long as we do.”

When this baby learns to walk and play, guess who’ll be there by his side? Big woof!

Dogs seem to know when a person is smaller, weaker, or more vulnerable.

For some reason, they just do. We could all learn a thing or two from dogs. This video is proof of their love. Even when we don’t see it.

This is a moment too precious to pass up! Watch it below!

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