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Dog minutes from being put down hugs rescuers to save his life

When a lost, stray, or an abandoned pet enters an animal shelter, there is a chance that it won’t ever leave.

And trying to build enough animal shelters to keep up with the endless stream of homeless animals is difficult.

That is why these animal shelters resort to euthanizing animals, especially those who they deem weak, old, or injured, animals who have low chances of being rehabilitated.

Aside from this fact, part of the difficulty is that most city-run shelters are often in the form of “open admission.”

It means that they are required to take in any animal, regardless of its health or behavior.

That is why animal rescue organizations work harder to save these helpless animals and give them second chance in life.

One of the animals saved is Robin, a shy but very sweet boy who was on the brink of being put to sleep.

They suspect Robin to be suffering from a leg injury because they found him limping on the streets.

Because of his condition, he is set to be put down right away.

Good thing he is rescued in time by a benevolent animal rescue officer who brought him to Vet Ranch.

Vet Ranch is a 501 C-3 nonprofit organization where homeless animals come to be cured of treatable injuries or diseases that would otherwise result in their euthanasia.

Spearheaded by Matt Carriker, DVM, Vet Ranch is solidly positioned at the intersection of technology and old-fashioned compassion in action.

He is also joined by other compassionate souls Karri, Wendy, and Ali.

Upon close examination, the leg injury turns out to be nothing but a bruise.

At first, he is really tense and scared given how hard his past experiences as a stray dog were.

But when Robin realized he is safe from harm, his rough exterior softened revealing a very sweet pup.

All the nerves and fear he felt before have evaporated completely as he finds solace in Dr. Karri’s care and the rest of the members of Vet Ranch.

And to show his gratitude, he gives Dr. Karri the warmest hug for being his superhero.

The way Robin leans on Dr. Karri is like a baby feeling safe in his mother’s arms. His eyes are gleaming with happiness and relief. He is definitely one lucky boy.

While Robin is under their custody, he is given a proper checkup and they neutered him as well.

Kudos to the animal rescue group who rushed to Robin’s aid, he is now safe and sound looking for a new home he can finally call his own.

He has never felt so loved before, and his future family will love him, even more, when they realize how adorable Robin’s personality is.

For now, he is enjoying receiving pets, smooches and belly rubs from Vet Ranch while he is on the search of a family.

Spaying and neutering are now the new norms, as the “Adopt Don’t Shop” movement is growing in popularity to prevent more animals from being subjected to euthanasia.

It is a much-needed cultural transformation to keep animals from suffering such cruel fate.

A rescue, an adoption, or a return to an owner or community is now a more likely outcome if people continue to work hand in hand in increasing spay and neuter access and encourage adoption from shelters and rescue groups.

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