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Dog Runs Out In Snow And Immediately Falls Down. Family Can’t Stop Laughing At His New “Trick”

When it comes to the snow, Rafi the Black Lab is all over it! No one in his family can keep up with his excitement and they all get a kick out of his silly behavior!

As soon as he’s unleashed and allowed to run around in the white fluffy stuff, he heads right to the top of the hill. Rafi’s family watches with big smiles on their faces as he does something that is just too funny.

Now, footage of his goofy antics is making everyone smile. Once you see for yourself, you’ll understand why…

Anyone with a dog knows that winter weather normally means lots of romping in the snow and excited tail wagging.

In an interview with The Scientific American, Stephen Zawistowski, Ph.D., Certified Applied Animal Behaviorist, explained that there are several reasons why our dogs love the snow!

Not only do their high body temperatures make playing in the snow much more comfortable, but the change of scenery is also very engaging.

Dogs become accustomed to their surroundings quickly, so a change in landscape is exciting and inspires their curiosity!

This means that there are more things to smell, see, feel and explore! No wonder dogs love being outdoors in the wintertime, frolicking in the snow.

As soon as Rafi reaches the top of the hill, he plops down on his belly and slides down on the fluffy snow!

This was everything he dreamed of and his family breaks out in laughter watching him!

What’s even funnier is that Rafi doesn’t stop there. This pooch goes sledding on his tummy over and over again. He just loves it!

Take a peek at this sweet moment for yourself in the video below. We hope he has years of sliding down snowy hills ahead of him!

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