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Dog sees Dad drove him to the park and goes hilariously bonkers

Like many dogs, Scrattie is obsessed with trips to the dog park. It’s his chance to get out the zoomies, sniff some butts, and just generally be the carefree animal he is.

And if you have a dog that also loves its trips to the local park, you probably know that after a certain turn or landmark, they seem to know exactly where they’re headed – and they get pretty excited.

Scrattie can’t even

Scrattie’s owner uploaded this video a few years ago, but it was picked up by the viral video repository Rumble in 2016.

And since they’re YouTube upload, it has been viewed over 4.5 million times.

That’s partly because it’s hard to keep a straight face when Scrattie goes berserk.

We’re not even sure we can call the noises he makes “barks,” they’re more like elated squeals.

One commenter put it well when they suggested that “he sounds like when you’re trying to tune a radio.”

And while we know dogs get excited about lots of things, this is next-level happiness.

Not only can you hear Scrattie’s excitement, but the video shows just how much the pup might need a carrier when he’s in the car.

He appears to have been on mom’s lap, but dad is getting all of the credit since he’s the driver.

However, that means the dog gets loose from mom’s arms and jumps on dad.

Dad can barely hold on to the steering wheel much less see the road as his pup licks his face, and even nibbles his nose!

“That’s like a small child suddenly realizing his parents are driving to Disneyland,” said one viewer.

Save some of that energy for the dog park, Scrattie!

Dad then asks the excited pup: “Where are you Scrattie? Is this the dog park? Oh, does Scrattie like the dog park?”

This whips him up into an even bigger frenzy.

“I’m no animal behaviorist but I suspect that dog does indeed like the dog park,” joked a commenter.

Let me out!

Now that the family is at their destination, Scrattie seems to think that if he can just look out the windshield hard enough, he can transport himself into the confines of the park.

Dog owners who watched the scene online seemed pretty familiar with Scrattie’s reaction.

“Typical Jack Russell. The second I ask mine if she wants to go for a walk I’m treated to 5 minutes of zoomies and a face-licking of epic proportions.”

Finally, Scrattie simply grabs the wheel – dad isn’t turning into the parking spot fast enough. In fact, we wouldn’t be surprised if this pup tried to teach himself how to drive!

Don’t tell Scrattie

While most dogs love the dog park – although perhaps not as much as Scrattie – there’s been some debate about whether or not they’re good for our pooches.

The carefree play can sometimes lead to overstimulation and injury. And then there’s always some dog that hasn’t been trained to interact well with others.

Of course, many parks are well-maintained, have rules, and some even allow for large dogs or those who don’t have social skills to be separated.

But in this case, it seems like Scrattie has had nothing but good times at his favorite place.

Be sure to scroll down below to see the full video of Scrattie’s adorable reaction!

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