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Dog sees portrait of brother who passed away and can’t take his eyes off it

Losing a loved one is more than just painful.

It’s a long process of grief and longing.

And at the same time, while we embrace the loss and dwell on grief, we also wonder if animals can feel the same feeling when they lose a loved one.

Do they also feel that heart-wrenching pain? Do they know that their loved ones will never go back? Do they grieve as well?

How do animals grieve?

According to a study made in CSU:

“Research in evolutionary biology, cognitive biology and social neuroscience supports the view that many diverse animals have rich and deep emotional lives.

People with companion animals or service animals will strongly argue that animals express numerous feelings such as fear, anger, shame, excitement, and grief.

Historically, wild animals have been known to express grief by letting out a yelp, wandering aimlessly, and eventually reorganizing their pack.”

Some viral videos of elephants, monkeys, and even whales mourning have been circulating the web, and it’s true that they do know the feeling of loss and pain. This goes the same with our beloved pets.

It’s surprising how animals deal with loss and grief.

Knowing this, it’s clear how our beloved pets will also feel the same pain that we do when we lose our loved ones, and this story is just that.

Brothers Smiff and Frank were lucky dogs under the love and care of their fur-mom, Libby Davey.

They lived, played, and spent time in their cozy home in Bristol, until one day, one of the brothers passed away.

Smiff passed just 5 months ago, leaving his brother and fur mom alone.

Naturally, Libby wanted to honor her pet’s memory, so she decided to commission a painting by artist Tina Muir.

Tina’s work was incredible. The painting was so lifelike!

Libby was so excited to bring home the painting, but what she didn’t expect was that her dog, Frank, would react to the painting in the most heartwarming way.

Libby filmed her dog’s reaction to the painting and decided to send it to Tina.

Tina, who was very happy with Frank’s reaction, decided to post it on her Facebook account saying:

“I did a painting for a lady who’s dog recently died. This is his brother how amazing & sad.”

The bittersweet reaction of Frank went viral!

You can see Frank wagging his tail when he saw the painting!

He even jumped on the couch and got up on his back legs to get closer to the lifelike painting.

The poor dog was so excited to see his beloved brother again. It was so sweet yet so painful to see Frank like this.

The way Frank looks at the painting fills us with so much emotion.

This dog misses his brother terribly, and the way he reacted to the painting will surely make anyone cry.

This painting will serve as a memorial for Smiff, the dog who lived his life to the fullest and who was loved by many. Fly high, Smiff!

Watch the sweet reaction of Frank below!

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