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Dog show judge approaches little girl with autism and asks her to show her stuffed pup

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The little girl in this video loved watching dog shows on TV.

When she and her family went to see one, she asked the judges if her favorite toy could take part.

Most children love dogs. But the little girl who starred in a recent online video really loves them.

She has autism, and dogs have really helped her express her emotions.

The girl’s favorite thing to watch on TV is a good dog show.

For her, there’s nothing better than seeing dogs obey commands, tackle assault courses and get awarded for their obedience.

Then one day, the girl’s parents announced some great news. They were all going to the local dog show.

The girl was super excited. She counted down the days until the show, anxious to finally see one in person.

The day came, and the girl put on her best dress.

She also took along her favorite dog stuffed animal, putting him on a leash before she left.

At the show, one of the judges noticed the little girl and her dog. He started talking to her about it.

Then she asked the judge if her dog could take part.

So the girl got to go through the barrier and onto the show floor.

The judge examined the toy, telling the girl that she had done an incredible job of maintaining him.

Then the judge told the girl to run around the floor with the dog to see how he performed.

Enthusiastically, the girl started running.

The crowd began cheering her on and clapping. Clearly, they were all so happy to see what was happening.

Once the girl had completed running the dog around, the judge gave her a hug. Now the crowd awwwed.

The girl knew that this was going to be a great day, but she had never expected this to happen. She would always remember this event.

Soon, the girl was back with her parents, and she watched the show, as happy as could be.

Luckily, someone was filming this heartwarming moment. They then uploaded the footage to YouTube.

In just a few months, it has gained tens of thousands of views. It also has more than 100 likes and a range of positive comments.

This video also highlights yet another reason why dogs are incredible: they are amazing at helping children with autism.

Research has shown that when children with autism are around pet dogs, they experience fewer meltdowns.

They also help these children with their confidence levels, ability to reduce anxiety and communication skills.

Dogs have also been used to help children with autism learn about road safety, play games, overcome fears, experience new opportunities and build friendships.

Yes, dogs are the best animals on the planet by a significant margin.

And the more you find out about them, the more amazing they get. They will be the saviors of the human race at this rate.

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