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Dog spots cat freezing outside and immediately starts dragging him toward house

Dogs are without a doubt some of the most compassionate animals.

From giving their new human baby brother or sister their favorite toy when they’re crying, to saving their last bit of food for the cat to eat, dogs will selflessly do anything for those that they care about.

So when we came across a video of a dog dragging a freezing cold cat through the snow to his safe and warm dog house, we weren’t at all surprised to see such an act of kindness.

But with that being said, we’re still blown away by this dog’s compassion towards the cat.

The caring canine went out of his way to help another animal who was in need – and that’s not even something that a lot of humans can say we’ve done.

The touching video was shared onto YouTube by ChaturZippy Shows, and since being posted, over 33,000 people have viewed this selfless act of kindness.

The first thing we noticed in this short clip was the weather.

The location seems to be a very cold country, and the snow is so thick that the dog leaves deep pawprints in the ground.

What’s more, the snow is still coming down and doesn’t appear to be letting up anytime soon.

While it’s an incredibly scenic view, it’s certainly not the kind of weather you want to be trapped outside in.

At the beginning of the video, you can see the dog approaching a cat – and he seems to have a sense of purpose.

The cat appears to be a stray and must be absolutely freezing cold. With no home or even a shelter to go to, the poor animal is getting colder by the second, and something urgently needs to be done.

Luckily, the dog spots the danger immediately, and without so much as an introduction, he begins to pull the cat through the snow.

At first, we are slightly confused at to what the dog’s motives are, but as we see him approaching his kennel, it all begins to make sense.

A dog’s kennel is one of their favorite spots. It’s their safe place and a sacred area where they keep all of their toys. If you’re invited into a dog’s kennel then you’d be pretty privileged.

But the dog shows again just how selfless dogs are by not even hesitating before he pulls the cat with him into the kennel.

Now that the cat is nice and dry, the dog’s mission is complete, and he sticks his head happily out of his little house.

The cat, meanwhile, stays in the kennel and is probably recovering from its ordeal.

Although the dog meant well, it’s probably still pretty scary for a cat to be dragged through the snow by a dog.

The dog’s sweet actions have truly warmed our hearts, though we truly hope that the cat was able to get the help that it needed.

No animal deserves to be out in such cold and unforgiving weather! Watch the touching video below.

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