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Dog struts into store with hilarious Christmas mission

We all know about the Grinch who stole Christmas. The deviant, jaded character who, on Christmas eve swooped in to steal gifts.

Well it seems that the idea of a furry thief at Christmas time may not be such a stretch of the imagination…

Sometimes “man’s best friend” can be a bit more deviant than you’d think…

A KSL news report takes a look at an instance where a loveable pooch took it upon himself to fetch his own gift from Smith’s Food and Drug, a local store in Murray, Salt Lake County Utah.

The anchors however, bury the lead…

“Well some people just can’t wait to open their Christmas presents, and that apparently was the case with a short and very fast thief who went to a store in Murray, grabbed a present and made a clean getaway, all on fours!”

Of course they withheld mentioning the species of the thief!

“Did we mention this took place on the pet aisle?”

Eventually the anchors give up the ruse and admit that the thief was in fact a disorderly dog, describing the event as “A very canine Christmas caper”.

The big loot that was stolen: A rawhide bone, valued at a whopping $2.79!

The store manager has a good sense of humor about the whole event, describing the thief as a-

“Brand new customer, didn’t even have his fresh value card”.

I’d love to see the police report for that particular felony, it would probably read:

“Male, thick grey hair, 3 ft 4, waggly tail. Responds to treats and barks at mailmen”

Reportedly, the doggo went straight to aisle 16, the dog food aisle. It appears that the criminal canine knew exactly what he was after.

He didn’t even head over to where the juicy steaks where! I know that’s where I would shoplift from if I were a hungry dog.

Perhaps his owners hadn’t replaced his old bone for Christmas, so he took it upon himself to replace it!

The store manager states that he saw the dog leaving with the item (without paying), and decided to intervene in case he lost a few fingers.

They even got an expert in, Marshall Tanner to investigate. This really is a high profile case!

He explains the logic behind the “theft”:

“(The dog) smelled the rawhide bone, grabbed it, and walked out of the store. Thereby being a shoplifting dog!”

Marshall Tanner also states that the furry felon’s sense of smell is “100,000 times better than the typical crook”. No wonder he knew exactly where to look!

At the end of the report, it’s stated that the dog is “still at large”, and enjoying his “Christmas gift”. There was no word of who the dog belonged to, but I’m sure there was an owner somewhere noticing their dog return with a bone that could only have come from Santa himself.

Perhaps this criminal cannot be tracked down with typical police tactics…maybe they need a police dog on the case!

In order to catch a dog, you have to THINK like a dog…

Watch the full video below to see this canine caper for yourself!

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