Duck And Dog Share An Interesting Moment That Has Owner Running For Camera

I have friends from all parts of the world who all do different things and have different interests.

In fact, we are all very different, from how we were raised, what we do for a living and sometimes how we view the world.

How is it that we still manage to get along? How is it that we have common ground? We have a mutual respect for each other and while we may not agree on everything, we agree to disagree and understand those differences as something that strengthens instead of divides.

Unless you don’t like ketchup because if that’s the case, then the friendship ended before it began!

Ok, I’m just kidding, but really, there are some friendships that might appear weird on the outside, but are perfectly happy and healthy and feel great on the inside.

This is Bruno the Beagle and Tweeti the duck and these two animals are best friends.

It’s not very often you see a dog and a duck in harmony, but today, that’s not the case. These two are inseparable and live in Thailand with their owners.

It was just before they headed out on a playdate that their owners caught them on camera in a warm, snuggly moment.

Caught in an embrace, Tweeti’s bill is lovingly pecking behind Bruno’s ear, almost like she’s just adjusting what would be his hair or neck collar, while the dog’s paw is resting on Tweeti’s back.

They’re just standing there in this sweet position, embracing with their faces nuzzled into one another’s necks, lost in a moment. They remain still until the duck gets a sudden burst of energy.

Bruno sees his friend leave and follows her loyally. The two walk out the door like they’re headed out for a hot date on Saturday night, about to paint the town red, but then stop again.

The duck does a once-over of her friend, it’s almost like flirting, as she goes back in again behind the dog’s ear with her bill.

Once she’s done and the dog looks at her, as if to say, “Ok are you done yet? Do I look ok? Can we go now..?” the two pick up and walk away, strolling off into the evening! What an adorable couple.

Click the video below to watch these two best friends get ready for an adventure in the great outdoors! Who knows what they’re scheming!

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