Duet battle of “You Raise Me Up” transcends expectations and brings room to their feet

A lot of people watch shows like The X Factor and American Idol because they love to be wowed by fresh new talent.

Yet, there are some performances that are so breathtaking it’s hard to believe the contestants aren’t famous already.

In this unforgettable duet that took place, it’s still giving viewers chills to this day.

It all started when contestants Harrison Craig and Tim Moxey stepped in front of the audience on The Voice Australia.

They were ready to battle it out.

Harrison and Tim each had a microphone in hand for the Battle Round, and the song they were given to sing was, “You Raise Me Up.”

Although everyone had already witnessed the men’s abilities – having them join together would be a new experience.

The younger of the two, Harrison, was the first to begin singing. From the moment he opened his mouth the performance was spellbinding.

The teen’s voice sounds like it should belong to a heavenly choir.

He left the judges awestruck during his blind audition, especially when they learned that Harrison actually has a stutter.

Although Harrison spent his childhood being bullied about his stutter, he has the ability to sing flawlessly.

While performing his part of “You Raise Me Up,” he once again showed everyone just how talented he really is.

Finally, it was time for Tim to shine as well.

The father of two sang the lyrics,

“Then, I am still and wait here in the silence – until you come and sit awhile with me.”

People in the audience were so moved by Tim’s voice that they cheered in response. One of the judges couldn’t help but exclaim, “Holy Cow.”

At that point, Harrison once again stepped in, but this time to deliver the first part of the chorus.

“You raise me up, so I can stand on mountains. You raise me up to walk on stormy seas…”

Many people have expressed that Harrison seems like a Disney prince – especially when he sings.

During the battle, he brought all his great qualities that had fans falling head over heels in the first place.

Tim’s soulful performance also had the room in goosebumps. According to his website, some of his top musical inspirations are Marvin Gaye, James Taylor, and Stevie Wonder.

The men’s coach, Seal, watched from his chair in utter amazement.

Just as it seems their duet can’t get any more impactful, it goes to another level. Going back and forth, Harrison and Tim try and outdo each other with their powerhouse voices.

There’s so much energy that it brings some viewers to tears.

“You Raise Me Up” was originally written by Secret Garden, but later popularized by musical artist Josh Groban in 2003.

It’s been covered by many – with Tim and Harrison’s rendition being one that stands out as memorable.

In the end, the pair earned themselves a standing ovation for their performance.

If only both could have been awarded winners of the battle, it would have made the decision a whole lot easier, that’s for sure.

Yet, Harrison was declared the sole winner. In fact, he actually went on to win the entire competition of that season’s The Voice Australia.

The video became so popular on YouTube that since it was posted, it’s been watched nearly 11 million times! To this day it’s still making a big impact.

Whether it’s a new song for you or one of your favorites – their duet is sure to leave your spine tingling.

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