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Ed Sheeran Starts Singing, The Moment Andrea Bocelli Joins In Is Leaving People With Goosebumps

We all know Ed Sheeran for his beautiful voice and chart-topping pop songs – and we know Andrea Bocelli for his stunning classical tenor sound.

Now, the two have come together for a rendition of Ed’s hit song, “Perfect” that’s unlike anything we’ve ever heard.

Their voices blend together perfectly, as do their styles, and the final version of the song is enough to give us all goosebumps…

Ed first got his start in music when his parents encouraged him to start singing in the church choir when he was just four years old.

That gave Ed the taste of performing in front of a crowd and a flame of passion for music was sparked.

His parents couldn’t keep a guitar out his hand and his mind out of the cloud from that moment forward.

Andrea’s love for music came out of a much more heartbreaking reason. He lost his vision when he was just 12 years old and turned to his love for music as a place of solace and comfort.

With classical opera music playing in the background, Andrea would copy the voices he heard as best he could. He had no idea that his voice would be the one to someday inspire children!

These two musical powerhouses have overcome more adversity in their lives than most people could even imagine, but they channel those challenges into their music.

That’s why this rendition of “Perfect” is so powerful. Their voices are the ideal complement to one another and it’s something everyone should hear at least once in their lives!

Listen to his incredible version of “Perfect” for yourself by pressing “play” on the video below.

We’re keeping our fingers crossed that Andrea and Ed work together more in the future!

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