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Elderly Couple Enters Dance Competition, Within Seconds Prove Their Dance Moves Aren’t Outdated

One couple’s ridiculously talented dance moves prove age is no factor in the field of dance. When two elderly folks step out on the dance floor, all those in the audience can’t hold back their smiles.

Seeing their anticipation to dance together was something remarkable. As soon as they meet, they grasp hands and take a bow, giving a small indication that a great dance was about to take place.

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To introduce yourselves as a couple in this manner was not only polite, but so adorable.

The lady had a happy expression bowing next to her partner while the gentleman had a twinkle in his eye.

This was the moment they had been waiting for. Music was all they needed in order to pull off this incredible dance.

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They couldn’t wait to show the judges and the crowd the magic they could make on the dance floor.

The rhythm got them ready for all the wild moves they learned so long ago and as soon as they heard it playing in the background, they began their performance.

Of all the types of dance, their boogie was the perfect style to get the crowd’s approval.¬†Nothing could stop them now!

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The upbeat tempo filled the room while this happy pair enjoyed their chance to perform. Their choreography contained some fancy swing moves, spins and a surprising dip.

Just when it seemed like it couldn’t get any better, they inched their way closer to the panel of judges where something a little unexpected happened. A happy dance such as this had them wrapped up in the moment.

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Even the crowd was going wild, clapping along, grinning, videotaping them and chanting along with the song. They were enamored with this awesome dancing couple.

Who could blame them? These Golden Agers have better moves than some people half their age!

Without noticing how much space they took up, they made their way closer and closer to one of the judges, nearly bumping right into him.

As smooth as their dance was, it was impossible not to cover it up and just keep dancing. The judge’s response was priceless.

Screenshot via YouTube

Watch their ultimate recovery and amazing dance moves in the video below!

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