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Elderly couple raise the roof with showstopping dance

Inevitably, we all lose our “touch” over the years! For some people, however, age isn’t something to be afraid of; it’s something to welcome! While people may sit in chairs all day and get stiff watching game shows, couples like this are out there, showing off their incredible moves!

Dietmar and Nellia are a dancing duo that live in Germany.

While most people spend their younger years dancing, these two are in their golden years! Despite their age, they have been seen millions of times worldwide (and the internet) performing the most outrageously stunning dance moves!

You would think that these two had the bodies of 20-years-old to do the things that they do.

While words and descriptions are one thing, seeing it live is another! At a competition last year, the two were recorded doing the Boogie Woogie to the song Down the Road Apiece by The Refreshments. You will have to see it to believe it.

With the rag-timey piano playing, the video starts.

We get our first look at Dietmar and Nellia soon after. Dieter is wearing a blue suit (and looking quite dapper) while Nellia is wearing a spotted blue dress to match.

Almost right away, we see that these two are about to give us a performance that we weren’t ready for!

Their movements are so quick you almost think the entire video is CGI!

The piano music is going so quickly that you can’t imagine these two are possibly going to keep up. We are almost immediately proven wrong as Dieter flings his wife into a spin and drops her into a dip!

Keeping in time with the music, the two don’t miss a beat.

With a few more quick spins, hops, and swoops, the two fly around like a pair of birds let out of a cage! One of the coolest moves that the duo performs is when Dieter does a hop to one side, and Nellia “falls” backward – only to land with the back of her neck in the crook of his arm! The entire thing looks chaotic and then resolves beautifully.

They aren’t done yet!

The two resume their interlude, dancing, and stepping around as the song progresses.

Finally, it’s time for them to show off again! The next move is even more incredible!

Dietmar takes his wife and, essentially, tosses her through his legs, catches her on the other side, and pulls her back up again!

By this time, the video is only halfway finished!

As the song moves towards the end, you can see how much fun these two are having.

It looks like the key to their fun dancing with such energy and excitement, despite their age, is their mentality! Young is as young does, right?

Finally, their time is done.

Taking a bow in front of the room, the two are met with standing applause – they deserve it!

The performance would have been incredible from a 22-year-old, let alone someone “advanced in years”.

Make sure you check out the video below for the full “WOW” factor!

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