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Elderly Woman Sits Down To Play Street Piano, And It Sounds Straight From Heaven

Natalie is a beloved piano player in Melbourne who has created this original masterpiece that is stunningly beautiful to listen to.

Her music is breathtaking, but the story of her life is marked with much sadness. Her husband left her, she lost two children, and she was at one time homeless.

Many times in life great beauty comes from great sadness. Her music tells that story.

One of Natalie’s surviving children, Matthew Trayling, shared the video of his talented mother and shortly it reached more than 1 million views!

Matthew spoke to Business Insider and shared why he posted the video in the first place. “When I filmed this some time back, I felt, well was hoping that maybe the world would sit back and listen to one of, if not the best ‘unknown composer’ in the world today (my mum Natalie).

Well it seems the world is listening and rightly so. This is just one of her compositions. And it appears to be going viral on YouTube.”

Natalie is obviously a talented pianist, and thankfully she got her big break in the music scene – even if it is during her later years in life!

Even though the world has been hard on Natalie, she’s never given up hope on her talent! Listen to Natalie play piano for yourself by pressing “play” on the video below!

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