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Electrician Fixes Couples Heat For Free Only They Lure Him Back With Fake Inspection Leaving Him Shook

Life sometimes can be really challenging.

There can be some moments when we feel like there is little hope and all we can do is trust God and pray to Him, asking for His guidance and intervention so we can get through whatever we are facing.

Stacy and John Lemonds were worried about the electrical wiring in their house, especially with the cold winter months fast approaching.

Their home had been around since the 1940’s and their lights were not as functional as they once had been.

But, what concerned them most was that their heat was no longer working.

In fact after an inspection of their meter it was determined that they couldn’t stay in the house until the problems were fixed because it was a huge fire hazard.

Out of work and out of funds, the couple could only turn to their faith and pray for some sort of miracle to help them out in their situation.

Their prayers were answered in the form of a text message sent by an electrician named Joshua Matthews, a veteran soldier who now worked at Dane Electric and had heard about their problems.

The couple never went out seeking help and merely asked for prayers but Joshua stepped up and said he was willing to help out so the couple could have a safe and comfortable winter.

He went to the Lemonds’ home to inspect their wiring and to see if anything needed to be fixed.

Joshua saw some major items that required immediate and more thorough checking so he suggested to get OG&E to have a better look.

That very same day, OG&E deemed the house a fire hazard because of all of the homes wiring issues.

There was a lot to do, but Joshua was intent on helping the couple out.

The couple had to stay at a hotel as the wiring was getting fixed and luckily, people from their church were generous enough to pay for their accommodation.

Joshua, on the other hand, handled their wiring replacement wherein he invested a lot of time and effort together with his friends just to ensure that the Lemonds would go back to a house safe from fire and comfortable enough for the cold season.

His act of kindness was truly an inspiring thing. Especially since Joshua wasn’t receiving any compensation for the hours of work he was putting into the Lemonds home.

He truly showed selflessness and it didn’t go unnoticed by the couple, as well as a few institutions who saw just how good of a person he was.

When word got out about Joshua’s good deed Fidelity as well as Oklahoma’s News 4 wanted to reward him for it.

So the Lemonds schemed a plan. Stacy called Joshua to come over to their home, staged a fake “re-inspection” of the wiring in their house and surprised him at the end.

He is a truly remarkable person and he never even saw it coming.

This extraordinary man has a heart of gold and you just have to see his story for yourself.

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