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Elephant sees caretaker being “attacked” sprints to his rescue

The principles of teasing or bullying someone have not changed much over the years.

In general, someone teasing or bullying another person wants to make themselves feel bigger by making someone else feel small.

This method only works when the person being teased does not have an elephant who will come to their rescue, however.

There are good people in the world who will rise to the occasion when they see something bad about to happen.

What many bullies don’t take into consideration is that there is always a bigger fish in the pond.

If they pick on someone who is friends or relatives with someone bigger, it could come back to bite the bully in the end.

If you pick on a middle schooler, you might find that they have an older brother in high school who wants to protect them.

These same rules exist in the wild as well!

If you decide to pick on someone out in the wild, you should ensure they don’t have any friends or relatives that are of a species much larger than you.

This is what a man from Chian Mai, Thailand, learned in hilarious fashion in the below viral video.

The elephant in this story is named Thongsri.

Two friends decided to run an experiment at the nature park where Thongsri lives to see how an elephant reacts when someone acts as though they are attacking her caretaker.

The man wearing the bandana in the video ran out into the field and then pretended to attack the caretaker who Thongsri had grown to consider her friend.

The elephant’s reaction was swift!

As soon as the caretaker is tossed to the ground by the man in the bandana, Thongsri bellows out a sound and can be heard making her way to where the conflict is taking place.

The man in the bandana runs away as fast as he can.

Thongsri puts herself between her caretaker and the direction the attacker ran off to, shielding him in case they come back.

She won’t let anyone hurt her friend.

That’s a loyal and protective friend right there! Thongsri didn’t just chase off the attacker, she remained at the scene until the caretaker was able to get back to his feet.

Elephants can be kind and loving creatures, and Thongsri’s reaction on this day is evidence of that.

A big gentle giant

It’s no secret that elephants are intelligent creatures. They actually have the largest brains of any land animal. They aren’t just smart, however, they are also empathetic.

They feel for others and Thongsri felt for her caretaker.

“Elephants manifest a wide variety of behaviors, including those associated with grief, learning, mimicry, play, altruism, use of tools, compassion, cooperation, self-awareness, memory, and communication. Further, evidence suggests elephants may understand pointing…”

It is pretty clear that the attacker learned an important lesson about how loyal elephants can be.

Perhaps all of us could benefit from having a friend like Thongsri. Unfortunately, elephants eat up to 300 lbs of food per day, so this is an expensive friend to have.

Still, if you can make it work, an elephant could be the most empathetic and loyal companion you ever know.

Thongsri and her caretaker have been friends for a long time.

The 17-year-old elephant didn’t hesitate to look out for a friend who appeared to need it. We can all learn a lesson from Thongsri.

Check out this amazing video below!

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