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Emotional man is worried dog won’t remember him when they’re reunited after 7 months apart

We certainly shed a tear when we heard Dora’s story.

No matter how much fun it is to light up fireworks on the 4th of July, many people don’t realize the suffering they cause other humans and animals.

Those with sensory issues and PTSD, for example, dread the day every year – as do pet owners.

Dora the German Shepherd’s nightmare began in July of 2012, when the terrifying noises in her neighborhood caused her to jump the fence in her backyard run off from her home to find a safe place.

Then, presumably, she got lost and couldn’t make her way back to her house in Frisco, Texas.

Her family was devastated – who wouldn’t be?

They spent weeks searching for their beloved dog, hoping nothing bad had happened to her.

And while they never gave up hope, when weeks turned to months, it appeared they had lost Dora for good.

We can only imagine the heartbreak of not knowing where your furry best friend is for even a day much less 7 months.

But the family was lucky enough to receive a call all those months later when Dora’s microchip was scanned.

In all that time, it’s assumed she was a stray living on the streets.

And while she managed to survive, it took quite some time for anyone to bring her into an animal rescue to see if she had owners.

The workers at Collin County Animal Shelter must have been relieved to know that the dog belonged somewhere when they scanned the chip.

After all, only 15-20% of dogs that become strays are even found and reclaimed by their owners.

The rescuers called the family immediately to inform them that a dog registered to them has been found in McKinney, Texas.

As you might imagine, they were both shocked and overjoyed to hear that Dora was still alive and was being returned to their family.

CCAS managed to capture some video of Dora’s human dad walking into the facility to pick her up – and we think you might want to get the tissues out for this one.

Carrying her leash and concerned that after 7 months she might not remember him, he comes in to speak to the workers as they prepare to bring out Dora.

As dad crouched down, Dora was a little trepidatious.

She sniffed his hand and no doubt recognized him as her old friend.

But months had passed and she had been through a lot that she didn’t understand.

Still, the way these two look at each other as Dora sits down near her owner and lets him stroke her face is both heartbreaking and heartwarming.

It was a pretty emotional moment for everyone involved (and the video’s viewers no doubt!)

The love just kept coming as the two got reacquainted with one another after their 7 months apart.

Had Dora not had a microchip with the correct information, this moment most likely would never have happened.

Finally, it was time to take Dora home. And she was ready.

Looking up at her dad, she seemed to have finally realized what was happening as she grew more excited and jumped up on him.

After 7 months on the streets, she was finally going to get her family and her warm bed and all of the love and affection back!

Be sure to scroll down below to see the emotional moment.

And don’t forget to update your pet’s microchip information with your veterinarian!

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