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Expert DIYer shares 20 genius hacks to keep your home organized, beautiful, and clean

It’s the little things that count the most. Those simple genius little touches that make things cozier or more efficient and add up to make our house feel like a home. And there are so many special little DIY touches you can make around the house to beautify your home, improve its organization, and increase its storage for little or no money.

Here are 20 of our favorite home improvement hacks.

1.) Hide Your Thermostat Controls

Hanging a painting by some hinges to your wall is the perfect way to hide a thermostat box.


2.) Use a Shoe Organizer in the Pantry

Hang a plastic pocket shoe organizer in your pantry and fill it with snack items. This will cut down on the number of boxes you have to fit in your pantry and utilizes a space that wasn’t being previously used.


3.) Stop Buying Swifter Pads

Use a pair of fuzzy socks instead of buying Swifter pads. You can toss this one in the wash and keep reusing it.

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