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Family Takes Black Lab Out In Snow, Burst Out Laughing When They See His Hilarious New Hobby

Some dogs absolutely love the snow. They pounce and prance around in it; they try and snatch falling snowflakes out of the air with their mouths.

They roll around and frolic in the fluffy stuff like snow is the best thing ever. For one black Lab named Rafi, snow means sledding, but not with a plastic sled like you might think.

In this video, Rafi’s owner and his child can be heard cracking up the entire time Rafi shows how much he loves snow. In fact, Rafi sort of resembles an arctic animal like a penguin or seal that likes to use its body to bullet across hard-packed snow.

At first, Rafi is thrilled to be outside in the crisp, chilly air and rambunctiously zips around. But then he flops his big body down on the snow, wriggles and wiggles around and starts sledding down the hill! Rafi’s human family couldn’t believe their eyes.

They can be heard encouraging Rafi to keep sledding because they just can’t get enough of this pooch’s winter wonderland antics.

At one point, Rafi lies perfectly still and pushes off, gliding almost all of the way down the hill! This goofball dog clearly enjoys the pristine white snow.

Canine psychology expert Stanley Coren said most dogs’ minds are akin to that of a two-year-old and both love to play around freely in the snow.

Labs are one of the most popular dogs in the United States and Canada, too, both of which have their fair share of cold weather.

This breed’s coat is water-resistant, making playtime in the snow a perfect outlet. You will get a kick out of watching Rafi in action and laugh right along with his loved ones.

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