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Family Thinks They Adopted Two Normal Dogs — But Watch When They Stand Up

Bee Fisher and her husband, Joshua, of Long Beach, California already had a big family. With three growing boys in the household, they didn’t have a whole lot of room or energy to spare. Still, they felt like something was missing…

That’s when the Fishers considered getting a dog. Ultimately, they decided to adopt two small pooches so they wouldn’t be lonely and they’d always have someone to play and run around with. The family was so excited about the new additions to the household!

They named their two puppies—Newfoundland puppies, to be exact—Ralphie and The Boss, and to say that these two pooches made their already large family an even bigger one is an understatement…

When the Fisher family adopted two Newfoundland dogs they named Ralphie and The Boss, they didn’t realize they’d be getting so much more than they bargained for. Since they first started sharing their adventures on their Instagram account, the Fishers’ massive family has been stealing hearts all over the world.

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