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Family with 8 kids gets everyone in the spirit with epic Christmas dance

What do you do when you have eight kids and December rolls around? Why you create an amazing Christmas dance routine, of course.

Every parent knows that raising a child is super super easy. They basically raise themselves.

The parents of one YouTuber family were amazingly lucky. They had eight kids, meaning no stress whatsoever!

And how did the parents fill the free time that having eight kids brings? They decided to make an amazing Christmas themed dance.

The routine begins with five of the family members standing up in their living room with their arms half outstretched and pointing downwards, along with their heads facing downwards.

Another five family members are in front of them, facing the camera on their knees and looking down.

Then the song plays. It’s Santa Claus Is Coming To Town, as covered by Justin Bieber.

The family looks up and moves with metallic instrumentation.

After that, the five family members in the front row stand up and fall back into the arms of the other family members.

Justin Bieber starts singing as half the family members catch the others. Then the caught family members walk forward.

Everyone starts pumping their arms and moving to the left and right with the music.

When Bieber’s lyrics really kick in, the family waves their hands back and forth while moving left to right.

Then half of the family members walk off-screen while the other five keep on dancing.

After a bit more dancing, these five family members dance out of shot, and four of the other family members dance back on.

With the lyric, “He sees you when you’re sleeping,” the four lie down on the floor.

And then they sit up with the line, “He knows when you’re awake.”

After that, they roll backward and get to their feet.

Then the youngest family member walks off shot while the other three side shuffle closer to the camera.

Then all the family members except for the youngest dance back into the shot.

All except the family father form a line.

The family members move to the sides of this line and lift their arms up.

Then they move their arms and bodies to the music even more.

Next, the four daughters of the family spread out while the other family members move offscreen.

They show off their moves.

Then two of the family’s sons dance into the shot as the girls dance off.

The sons lean forward, and a third son rolls over their backs.

Then seven of the kids spread out and turn their backs to the camera. They shake as they do this.

Then they jump and twist to face the camera.

After some more dancing, all of the family members walk back onto the stage.

Four of the family get on their hands and knees on the ground.

Three more family members climb on top. Then two more family members climb on top of them.

Finally, the youngest family member climbs to the top, completing the pyramid.

Then the pyramid collapses, and the family members fall to the ground.

At the very end, the grandparents dance into shot. Sure, they aren’t as flexible as the others. But they still want to have fun.

That video then appeared on YouTube, where it has gained over 4.5 million views. And they deserve the fame!

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