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Family Woken Up By Strange Noises At 6AM Everyday, So They Set Up Camera And Hit ‘Record’

As a pet owner, I understand that having four-legged creatures living in your house can sometimes be inconvenient.

My pets bring so many good things into my life.

Every single day, their little furry faces bring me happiness.

Sure, people are great, but few people love me unconditionally as my dogs do.

Whether I’m gone for five minutes or five hours, they are always delighted to see me return.

They snuggle me when I’m sad, cold, or sick, and they give me a reason to get outside and go for walks.

Owning a pet like a cat or a dog has proven to have health benefits.

Aside from the exercise involved in just taking care of them, the simple act of petting a companion animal like a cat or a dog can lower stress, anxiety, and blood pressure.

For many reasons, pet owners tend to live longer and lead happier, more fulfilled lives.

My pets bring a lot of joy to my life, but they are not perfect, and they can be a lot of work.

All of my dogs are rescues with unknown backgrounds, so they come with a unique set of needs.

Feeding time can get exciting, and a little loud and they tend to wake me up early, ready to start the day with a brisk walk.

They wake me up with whining and crying, but the cat in this video was much more inventive!

Locked out of her bedroom at night, she is anxious for her people to get out of bed in the morning.

So, she devises a plan. This very smart kitty figured out how to make a unique noise to get their attention.

It looks like there’s no sleeping in for this family!

Watch the video to see how she wakes up the house!

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