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Farmer Is About To Shoot This Baby Fox, But When He Goes For His Gun …

For animals that are considered pests by some humans, the world can be a pretty scary place. At any moment, these unwanted creatures could come face to face with someone who wants to get rid of them by any means necessary, and their lives are constantly under threat.

In Australia, one of these species is especially in danger. The cuddly-looking European Red Fox is a threat for native wildlife, so people are actually encouraged to shoot them on sight.

This nearly spelled disaster for a baby fox named Willa when she encountered a farmer who instantly went searching for his gun…

European Red Foxes were introduced to Australia in the 1800s, but they are now regarded as pests since they’re responsible for killing a handful of wildlife. The government has enlisted a “bait and shoot” program, in which the public is encouraged shoot the foxes if seen on their property.

When Willa, a baby European Red Fox, stumbled onto a farmer’s property, his fate seemed sealed. The man went to borrow a gun from his neighbor so he could shoot the tiny fox, but as luck would have it…

 …his neighbor didn’t answer the door. Not sure what else to do, the farmer called Sydney Fox Rescue, a local rescue group that vaccinates, microchips, and neuter baby foxes. Luckily for foxes like Willa, they are never released back into the wild.
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