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Father and daughter take “Hallelujah” to new heights

Mat and Savanna Shaw have been spreading joy across the internet one music video at a time.

Just recently, the Utah father and daughter duo released a breathtaking cover of “Hallelujah,” and it too is stirring hearts.

While you’ve likely listened to the Leonard Cohen classic many times before – just wait until you hear how beautiful it sounds when Mat and Savanna sing it.

It’s hard to believe that their music careers began just a short time ago.

Back in March, 15-year-old Savanna was looking for a way to keep in touch with her choir friends during the pandemic. So, like many others, she turned to social media.

One day the teen asked her dad (who’s aOn March 6, 2020, Mat uploaded their moving duet of “The Prayer” to YouTube. It currently has over 7.8 million views!

Luckily, Mat and Savanna Shaw decided to keep going.

Over the past months, they’ve performed uplifting covers of songs like “A Million Dreams,” “Shallow,” and “Somewhere Out There” from their home in Kaysville.lso passionate about singing) if he’d create a music video with her from their home.

However, they never expected it to go viral…

Each video has racked up an impressive amount of views, and they now have over 543K subscribers to their channel. Needless to say – their rise to fame has been an amazing whirlwind!

Mat told Deseret News:

“We’ve grown up hearing each other sing and we certainly appreciate each other’s talents, but to think that so many other people would also appreciate our voices has been so surprising.”

The dad and daughter’s music is lifting people’s spirits during these hard times.

Many have found comfort in the duo’s beautiful vocals, song choices, and the words of encouragement that often are in their video captions.

Mat and Savanna’s goal is to “share hope and spread joy.”

Guys! We sang in a real life recording studio today!

Thank you so much to all of our fans who have received us, and…

Posted by Mat and Savanna Shaw on Wednesday, July 1, 2020

On November 6, the Shaws uploaded a video for their spine-tingling cover of “Hallelujah.”

This video, however, is different than their at-home performances. On top of it being professionally done – it also features musical artist Stephen Nelson.

All of their talents combined could be described as heavenly.

While Stephen plays the piano, Savanna begins singing “Hallelujah” like an angel.

But it becomes even more chilling when her dad joins in.

Mat wrote on YouTube:

“There is just something special about this song. It calms a troubled heart.

It reminds us that even though things seem so chaotic, we can still find so many reasons to proclaim, “Hallelujah”.

So pass it on, and share some peace in a very troubled world.”

Stephen also shines in the spotlight.

At one point, he takes over the lyrics of “Hallelujah,” revealing his own magnificent voice. It’s no wonder why the Shaws wanted Stephen to be part of the project!

In the video description, Mat explains:

“10 years ago we met Stephen Nelson at one of Savanna’s voice recitals.

He sang Hallelujah that night while accompanying himself on the piano.

It was mesmerizing and absolutely unforgettable. That was one of the last times he sang publicly for almost 10 years.

It has been a long road back, and we are so proud of his courage.”

Eventually, they all sing together and it’s like listening to a choir of angels.

One person commented:

“This honestly is the best version of Hallelujah that I have ever heard. The harmony of your three voices is just stunning! 💕”

Another said:

“I keep wondering just how many times I can get chills and goosebumps listening to the music from Mat and Savanna (and Stephen) and here’s yet another song that does that-plus bringing tears to my eyes!”

Mat and Savanna have just begun.

The father-daughter duo released their debut album Picture This in October, and have a Christmas album coming out later this November!

It’s called Merry Little Christmas. They also have a few concerts scheduled that you can find out about on their website.

Check out Mat and Savanna’s version of “Hallelujah” below, featuring Stephen Nelson!

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