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Father Daughter Singalong Will Give You All The Feels

Living life is about enjoying the finer things. This could be looking out at the rain on a cold winter’s day while you’re warm in your home or watching your absolute favourite classic film to cheer you up on a particularly gloomy day. It could also be a super cute video that just so happens to have gone completely viral!

Are you ready for your “aww” moment of the day? Good! Because below is a video that’ll melt even the coldest of hearts. It’s a rendition of the popular Toy Story song You’ve Got A Friend In Me sung by a father and his toddler. One might believe that many have been attracted to this video because the singing is not all that good, but rather adorably offbeat and off tune – the toddler is four years old after all. But this is not the case. In fact, this girl’s singing voice will knock your socks off.

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