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Firefighter bonds with veterans dog at charity photo event and agrees to adopt him

We’re pretty sure you’ve seen this before: shirtless firemen posing beside dogs.

Yep, we bet you did!

This is not your ordinary propaganda or something. This is a fundraising activity for an animal shelter.

And if shirtless firefighters wouldn’t urge you to buy one, then you’re 100% in it for the cute pet.

The Charleston Animal Society creates a yearly calendar featuring their shelter rescues and firefighters.

This fundraising campaign started in 2014 that feature’s Charleston’s local firemen and the rescued pets in the shelter.

Proceeds of the calendars would go to Toby’s Fund to help in the medical care for rescued animals who’ve been injured, abused, or abandoned.

Their 2014 calendar sold 6,000 copies and raised over $100,000 of funds!

With that much success, they continued this campaign to help more animals.

They also encourage people to adopt from them. All these efforts to maintain Charleston’s reputation as a “No Kill Community.”

Kimber was one of the dogs they helped in the past.

When they found Kimber, she was malnourished and hairless. She was left at the side of the road looking pitiful.

But after Charleston Animal Society took her in and gave her the medical care she needed, she bloomed into this beautiful dog.

This came in a full circle now that Kimber is part of the fundraising campaign.

With their adorable animals, it’s undeniable that bonds are formed whenever they do a photo shoot.

Most of their rescues are gentle and friendly and loves to cuddle or play with their partnered fireman for the shoot. You’ll see their chemistry off and on cam.

This is how Kimber and Rob met.

Kimber is a certified PTSD dog who accompanied a war veteran, Steve Hall.

After serving three tours as an elite Marine sniper in Iraq and Afghanistan, he suffered from flashbacks and nightmares from the war. Kimber helped him through that difficult phase.

And in 2017, Kimber was partnered with Rob Tackett during their calendar photoshoot.

Steve was amazed at how quickly the pair bonded. He said that Kimber would never go around guys, but with Rob, it was different.

She loves to curl up in Rob’s arms and felt safe with him. There’s obviously a connection between the two.

Sadly, Steve went incapacitated after his neck and back surgery.

He felt that his health was not improving, and his time with Kimber is short.

He called Rob and asked him to take care of her – a request that Rob can and would not say no to.

Since then, Kimber found a home in Rob’s arms.

They’ve been inseparable. Rob planned to train Kimber further so she can share her comfort with other veterans.

He knows that she can give the love and care that war veterans need, just like she gave Steve Hall and Rob Tackett.

Rob speaks highly of Kimber and just adores her!

“She’s skittish around other people at first. But when she gets comfortable, she is the most loving dog in the world,” he said to People.

If you want to help Charleston Animal Society, you can check their website to inquire about adopting their pets in the shelter or other means to support their cause in giving medical care to abused and abandoned pets.

Give a dog a new home and let it give you some love back – just like Rob and Kimber.

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