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Firefighters Emerge From The Forest, Haunting Words They Sing Go Viral

Marching through the forest is something that this Samoan Hotshot fire crew is used to and most people don’t think twice about. But their favorite pastime was recently caught on camera and now it’s going totally viral online.

Not only are these men brave firefighters, but they’re also talented singers. They love to belt out powerful Samoan hymns when they’re on the move!

Screenshot via YouTube

While some people think the song in the video below is “What A Friend We Have In Jesus,” the tune is actually “Fa’afetai i le Atua.” This classic Samoan hymn is popular amongst Samoan people and it all has to do with praising God for all that he has given them.

The introduction (very) loosely translates to: “Thank God/that we grow/when he was free/to all of us.” The lyrics then go on to thank the Son of God for coming down from the Heavens and His soul for bringing successes to their lives.

Screenshot via YouTube

These brave forest firefighters know that the job they do is risky. But they also know that they have God to thank for keeping them safe in dangerous situations.

That’s why they sing to the Heavens and praise Him while trekking to their next location. It’s a beautiful sound to hear, echoing throughout the forest.

Screenshot via YouTube

It takes a selfless person to run into the face of danger to help others – and with God on their side, they know that they will be protected. Not only are their souls strong, but their voices are absolutely amazing!

These firefighters go through a four-week training before they’re allowed to traipse through the forest together. They develop quite a significant bond together because of their life-saving mission.

Screenshot via YouTube

Take a peek at their incredible mountainside song in the video below.

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