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First note rings out. Then ice skating siblings shake up arena to Metallica classic

Metallica and ice skating hardly go hand in hand. But these talented siblings really made it work. Their performance has since gone viral!

Oona and Gage Brown took to the ice rink in New York City’s Bryant Park.

The ice skaters, who are part of Team USA, got to the rink early in the morning during the Thanksgiving holiday, ensuring that they could perform in peace.

The routine began with the two skaters standing facing the camera. Gage was standing behind Oona.

Then the opening piano notes to Nothing Else Matters by Metallica started to play.

Both of the skaters stretched out and looked at each other.

Oona then started skating forwards. Gage followed and grasped onto Oona’s torso.

The camera followed the skaters as they moved across the ice.

Soon, the two were leaning back as they skated forward, using each other for support.

Then they skated backward and span in circles.

After this, the two separated and gave each other more room.

The heavier instrumentation of the song started playing. They then started to spin with one leg in the air.

As the lyrics began, they started dancing close to one another once more.

Then Gage took Oona’s hand as they kept on moving.

Quickly, Gage lifted Oona up and onto his body as they skated sideways.

Oona sat on Gage’s shoulders and stretched out.

Then Gage lifted Oona down as they kept on skating.

For the next minute, Gage kept on lifting Oona, and they kept on performing graceful moves.

Then Gage took Oona’s hand again and held onto her leg as he knelt down. They then started spinning rapidly in circles.

The skaters then moved into a new position, so that Gage could stretch one leg into the air as they span even more.

Gage lifted Oon up once more. Oona leaned forward as Gage skated forward.

Then while skating backward, Gage and Oona leaned forward, almost making their bodies touch the ground.

After this, the skaters stopped and looked into the air.

The camera moved backward, making Gage and Oona look tiny in the city.

Luckily, this footage then appeared on YouTube, where it soon went viral.

In just 10 days, it has gained over 1.3 million views. It also has more than 55,000 likes and 2,800 comments.

People have been saying things like this:

As you may have guessed, Oona and Gage Brown perform together in competitions.

And yes they look young, but here’s some news that’s going to make you feel old: When Gage shot that video he was an adult.

Gage was born in October 2002, meaning that a month before the video, he had just celebrated his 18th birthday.

Oona is two years younger than Gage.

As a team, Oona and Gage have already achieved much.

In 2020, they were bronze medalists in the US Championships. And of course, they will only get even better as time goes on.

However, they have both been skating for a long time.

Gage and Oona both started staking at the same time, when Gage was 6 and Oona was four. But they didn’t team up until 2016.

Could Oona and Gage become gold medalists one day? If this video is anything to go by, then the answer is yes!

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