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Five men grab hearts with exquisite rendition of Christmas song

Anyone who’s ever had to sing in a group against their own free-will knows how hard it is to keep in tune, remember the lyrics and mostly; look like you know what you’re doing.

It’s way too easy to just mouth along and sing just slightly quieter than everyone else until it’s all over.

People who can sing in harmony, and beautifully so, are a wonder and we should all be envious of their abilities.

One such group who are deserving of our envy, is Home Free.

They’re an a cappella group who cover modern hits and classic tunes alike, with nothing but their voices.

Their five voices cover the full range from bird-like high notes to low notes that register in the richter scale.

The group is well known for competing in the fourth season of NBC’s The Sing Off, and no surprises, they won!

In this video they sing the classic tune “Angels We Have Heard on High”…

And wow do they sound amazing!

The group switch expertly between singing in English and Latin with their own Angelic voices.

Austin Brown takes the top notes!

This guy is good! He expertly sings the highest notes in the song, seemingly effortlessly.

He is able to dance around with the melody while harmonising with every other singer in their respective octaves.

Great job Austin, the last time I could make my voice that high, I was wearing a diaper!

Chris Rupp, one of the group’s founders has a beautiful tone of voice!

The cowboy hat also gives him a fun country look which complements his smooth singing style.

Chris and his brother Adam were one of the original founders of the singing group.

It’s hard not to imagine Chris with a guitar and sitting atop a horse singing about life on the farm and barn-parties.

He sits on the left hand pews, and covers a slightly lower register, somewhere closer to the middle range.

Adam Rupp is the other founder, and just as melodic.

Adam is the other Rupp brother, which makes him the other founder of the group.

Adam also sings in a higher register, and has his own fair share of moments to shine in the mix.

His cool leather jacket makes him seem like more of a rock n’ roll type out of the group.

Tim Foust has the lowest voice. How is that even possible?!

Tim has a voice that could shift a mountain. Its is mind boggling how low his voice can go.

He sounds like a giant’s voice was put inside a normal man.

When I say normal, I obviously am not talking about the incredible talent this group member has.

Rob Lundquist is the first voice we hear in the video, and I’m not mad about it!

Rob has a truly angelic voice. He has incredible vocal control and just sounds amazing! He has the opening line, which unsurprisingly is: “Angels we have heard on high/ Sweetly singing o’er the plains”.

His voice is sweet, and his bolo tie also gives him a slight country style.

This whole performance from the group is completely captivating!

It’s clear that each member of the group has their own vocal expertise.

They’re all able to complement the overall sound magnificently.

Watch the full video below to be blown away by these angelic voices!

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Ellen McIver

    December 7, 2019 at 4:16 pm

    Absolutely beautiful! Only comment i can make is when in a church or chapel hats should be removed.

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