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Five men interrupt veteran’s dinner and leave him in tears

Veterans, when the fighting is all over, would just like to live the rest of their lives in peace.

But a Vietnam War Navy veteran got his dinner date disturbed when five men walked up to him.

What started as a random encounter ended in tears and an unforgettable experience.

Lou Zezoff went to dinner with his wife. As they entered the bustling restaurant, Zezoff noticed five guys sitting on of the round tables.

Among the crowd that was there that night, this group stood out to him because of their military-style haircut.

He shared in the video that it was “high and tight”.

He and his wife Annette went on to their business and ordered their food.

But just before their dinner was served, one of the men from the round table approached the couple and offered his hand out.

He thanked Zezoff for his service and told him how much they appreciated it.

Zezoff acknowledged the gesture of gratitude then the man left them alone.

But as the young lad reached their table, another one from their group stood up promptly and walked towards the couple’s table.

Zezoff stood up as well and received the young man’s hand with a firm handshake.

The man thanked him, on behalf of all five of them, for his service.

Zezoff was moved and said that he appreciates the gratitude, and to extend his regards to the rest of his friends.

He all wished them luck in their career in the service.

Zezoff thought that was the end of it. As much as he was thankful for the simple and quiet gesture that these boys gave him, his night was about to get much better.

When their dinner was done, Zezoff called for the waiter’s attention so they could pay for their meal.

The waiter approached them with a big smile on his face and said:

“This is your lucky day. These young men on the corner had just bought you your evening meal.”

Zezoff was surprised.

The handshakes and the acknowledgment were more than enough for a veteran like himself.

But these men wanted to show how much his service meant to them and went on to pay for their dinner.

He approached the young soldiers and put his arm around one of them. He said that they don’t have to do this.

Being in the military like them, he knew that the profession didn’t pay as much.

The five men insisted and told him that it was their way to show their respect and gratitude.

When it was time for them to leave, Zezoff got up and donned his flight jacket.

About the same time, the five men were also about to leave.

However, instead of just waving their goodbyes, the men stood in line in front of his table.

They extended their hand out one by one to shake his hand.

The first one shook his hand, hugged him, thanked him, and then walked to his right. The second one did the same thing.

By the time the third one’s turn came up, Zezoff shared that he was a “basket case” by then.

The chatter that filled the restaurant earlier was now reduced to murmurs and hushed conversations. Most of them were looking at Zezoff’s table.

The fourth one shook his hand, thanked him too, but he stepped back and gave Zezoff the “sharpest salute” he’s ever seen.

Then, without saying anything else, the five men turned and walked out.

The whole thing left Zezoff in awe that his wife had to tell him to sit down to catch his breath.

It was a simple act of respect from these young soldiers but it was enough to put a veteran in tears.

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